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Does Your Password Pass the Test?

Security has found its way into so many areas of our lives that we’re using passwords every day. Many companies are fortunate to have teams dedicated to supporting information security, allowing most employees to go about the workday with little … Read more

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Our UX team is helping clean New York’s waters

To stay passionate, grounded and curious, we at Cloudberry assist with projects that empower our community through technology. This summer, we are excited to team with the Billion Oyster Project (BOP), which runs an ambitious effort to restore oysters throughout … Read more

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Inclusive Design: A better experience for everyone

Last year, I wrote a post about easy first steps for working accessible design into your process. Recently, I’ve been thinking more about accessibility and wanted to discuss a related topic, inclusive design. Inclusive design is a way of thinking … Read more

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Re: Enterprise UX Industry Report 2017-2018

UXPin recently released their 2017-2018 Enterprise UX Industry Report. The report is structured around 3,157 survey responses they received asking about the state of the field of UX in enterprise settings. Having access to all this data is definitely exciting, and … Read more

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Designing for Delight 101

Should we always delight? “Delight” is something we’ve been hearing a lot about lately. It entails adding flare to our websites to make people smile, have fun, and remember your website more than others. Many times, this is achieved with … Read more

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Berry Picks: UX Design Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is the key to keeping your project team on track. Email and instant messaging programs can quickly overflow with the constant stream of information that most projects generate. Wrangling this information can help increase your team’s ability to keep up … Read more

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Designing With a “Chat-First” Mentality

“Hey Siri, tell us a joke.” “Hey Siri, what is the weather today?” “Hey Siri, do I qualify for life insurance?” With the expansion of voice assistants and chatbots (think Siri, Alexa, and Facebook Messenger add-ons), the exciting Conversational UI … Read more

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Getting the Most Out of Your Testing Sessions

Here at Cloudberry, we are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and obtain more feedback from our users. When it comes to usability testing, we have a few ways we try to accomplish those goals. We run pilot tests … Read more

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In it for the Long Haul: Why Persistent UX Involvement is Key

Full disclaimer: this post was written by a UX designer. Situation: A visual designer receives a set of wireframes and begins to apply the appropriate branding styles. Just as his work is complete, the UX designer sends an updated wireframe … Read more

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Wireframing Checklist

We know that wireframes are more than lorem ipsums and placeholders. To ensure a seamless handoff to our visual design colleagues, we devised a checklist of to-do’s. We thought you might want to take a peek. GETTING STARTED Make sure … Read more

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