How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working from Home

Greetings from my new home office, aka the bathroom! Just kidding (or am I?). While working from home with two small kids isn’t quite that dire, I’ll admit to some dicey moments where locking myself in the bathroom actually felt … Read more

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How We Build for Accessibility

Having an accessible website is not only a “good thing to do” nowadays, it is also—in many cases—mandated, where a company must create an accessible website that can be used by people with various types of disabilities (or face consequences). … Read more

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Our Yearly Checkup: Are 2020 Design Trends Accessible?

At the turn of every year, we inevitably come across an assortment of articles forecasting the “Top 10” design trends for the year. For the most part, these articles discuss general aesthetic trends that have gained recent popularity, but a … Read more

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These apps can help you save the world – one tap at a time

Since World Usability Day is coming up and is focused on “Design for the future we want,” I thought I’d share some of the everyday apps and sites I use with features that help meet some of the UN’s 17 … Read more

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6 Rules for Successful Form Design

When designing forms, there are some simple rules to keep in mind for a successful user experience. 1. Keep form field names on top If the name of the field is in the box, the user might forget what they’re … Read more

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5 Ways UX Can Improve Your Next Brainstorm

We’ve compiled five UX tactics that are helpful not only in website design, but can improve the quality and effectiveness of your next team brainstorm. 1. Research & Objective Setting Arguably the most important step in the UX process, research … Read more

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The Co-Founder of Anima on the Future of the Design to Developer Handoff

Anima is one of the most popular 3rd-party plugins available within Sketch. It allows designers to quickly generate responsive, interactive prototypes from Sketch art boards and then easily share with collaborators. As it stands, Anima can arguably replace other services … Read more

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11 Shortcuts That Help Us Design Great Experiences…Faster

While each project we work on at Cloudberry presents unique challenges, there are certain to-dos which will re-occur more often than not. To efficiently accomplish these known knowns, we rely on a number of apps, plugins, extensions and other time-savers … Read more

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7 UX/Design Myths BUSTED

Myth 1: Users don’t scroll BUSTED: This was probably true in the ’90s, and maybe a bit in the ’00s. Nowadays, however, people know how to use the web, including how to scroll. We know this from our own user … Read more

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When to Use “Introduced Goals” in Your UX Approach

If we try to design an experience without clearly defining the user and business goals, we’ll end up creating tools no one uses, we’ll have CTAs that no one clicks on, and ultimately, we won’t be doing much to support … Read more

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