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What Kind of Mobile App Do You Need?

Understanding the hows and whys of different development approaches Clients often ask us which technical approach they should take in creating a mobile app. Like with many great UX questions, the answer is “it depends”. In this case, it depends … Read more

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How to conduct user research without even showing up

Unmoderated testing provides yet another method for gathering valuable insights Setting up qualitative user research requires recruiting the right set of participants, and determining the best way to conduct the sessions. The options include using a lab or testing center, … Read more

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What “good” looks like in presentation design

Clients often come to us seeking help with the craft of writing and designing presentations, so we thought we’d share some of our core principles. We’ve assembled these, along with specific tips that you can put into practice right now. … Read more

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Lose the jargon and remind yourself that you know how to tell a good story

“Storytelling” has quickly become one of those business buzzwords, joining the ranks of “innovation” and “agile” — terms that are overused (and often misused) to the point of becoming meaningless. That being said, storytelling is actually a pretty important part … Read more

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Icebreakers, When Done Right, Can Make All the Difference

It may sound corny, but I have a soft spot for icebreakers. Like you, I’ve sat through my share of icebreaker activities where I’ve either dreaded my turn to speak, or twiddled my thumbs as I counted down how many … Read more

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How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working from Home

Greetings from my new home office, aka the bathroom! Just kidding (or am I?). While working from home with two small kids isn’t quite that dire, I’ll admit to some dicey moments where locking myself in the bathroom actually felt … Read more

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