What “good” looks like in presentation design

Context is queen


Your presentation is a story, so make sure it reads like one
Slide design is critical, but the flow of your entire presentation is just as important. When you tell a story to a friend, you pay attention to pacing. Do the same with your slides. Make sure there’s a rhythm and cadence, so that each idea leads naturally to the next, leading to a satisfying conclusion.


Make sure you give the “so what?”
This may be the most important thing to get right. As you’re crafting each slide, make sure you ask yourself “what’s the key takeaway?” and then make sure it’s clear. If you aren’t sure if you’re getting your point across, consult a trusted colleague, and ask them what they think. Their answer may be very illuminating.


Tell the story visually whenever possible
We all know how sticky images can be, so challenge yourself to eliminate words on a slide when a photo, chart, graph, or other type of visualization can do the job. But be deliberate with visuals; don’t drop them in just to be cute, or because a slide feels empty without one. Consider the purpose of everything on the slide.


Presentations vs leave-behinds
Finally, remember that presentations should look different than leave-behinds, and you need to make different design decisions based on which you’re making.


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