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Understanding Scope Creep and How to Avoid It

We’ve all been there before — a one-month project timeline turns into three, and we’ve become lost in a seemingly endless sea of revisions. It’s quite common for projects to shift after the kickoff, making it easy to fall victim … Read more

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2022 Design Trends: A healthy mix of familiarity and change

It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves anticipating what the future holds for the design world. We’ve been enduring a pandemic for over two years now, with our sense of normality constantly shifting as each month goes … Read more

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Cloudberry’s Favorite Health Apps

Throughout the pandemic, many of us at Cloudberry have turned to our devices to help us maintain and improve our overall health and wellbeing. We decided to take a deeper dive into what makes our favorite health apps shine—specifically with … Read more

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Tips and Tricks for Stock Image Searches

In my previous blog post, I discuss different types of stock image sources and give some general guidance regarding where to begin. Let’s say you’ve now chosen a stock photo website as a starting point—what happens next? That single website … Read more

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A Guide to Stock Image Sources

Photography is one of the most important elements when it comes to establishing and communicating your brand effectively. Chances are, if you’ve ever had to design a website or put together a brochure for a client, you’ve needed to gather … Read more

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2021 Design Trends for a Changing World

Check out and share our downloadable summary guide on this blog post. Every year, we see the same smattering of posts throughout the design world talking about the top trends to look out for the following year. These trends tend … Read more

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Our Yearly Checkup: Are 2020 Design Trends Accessible?

At the turn of every year, we inevitably come across an assortment of articles forecasting the “Top 10” design trends for the year. For the most part, these articles discuss general aesthetic trends that have gained recent popularity, but a … Read more

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