Cloudberry Integrated Marketing Campaign Promotes New Telehealth Product in NY

Teladoc and Beth Israel have partnered to bring a new telehealth product to New York, connecting residents remotely with health care providers. Cloudberry worked with the two brands to form the new campaign, creating a page that is easy to navigate and which acquaints new users with the potential benefits of telemedicine as well as a range of integrated marketing materials (e.g. subway ads, print ads, mailers, banner ads).

Since 2002, Teladoc has offered nationwide on-call consultations (via phone or video), connecting patients to doctors at low rates. While not appropriate for serious medical concerns, these services are popular with patients who don’t have time to make traditional appointments for small ailments. Additionally, telemedicine may be used to supplement a primary care physician (e.g. while travelling or during off-hours).

For New Yorkers, a partnership between Beth Israel and Teladoc makes telehealth services even more practical. Now, New Yorkers who subscribe gain access to medical professionals from one of Beth Israel’s 4 renowned medical establishments. This helps connect and integrate patients with Beth Israel where they may wish to seek further or more extensive treatment in the future.

To represent the new joint campaign, the new website was aligned with both Teladoc and Beth Israel’s brands. As many prospective patients may not be familiar with telemedicine, a learning component was integral to the design. Menu navigation and supplemental videos are geared towards both acquainting users with telehealth and introducing the Teladoc and Beth Israel partnership. The page is simple, communicating what options are offered and which patients would gain the most benefit from telehealth services: namely, young professionals, travelers, and young families. Additionally, changes in the national healthcare environment may prompt uninsured patients in good health to seek out the low cost and high convenience of consulting with doctors from home.

To learn more about Beth Israel telemedicine via Teladoc, visit the new website at

For this joint campaign, Teladoc and Beth Israel received an Aster Award for excellence in healthcare marketing and advertising. Congratulations!

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