Responsive Web Design – Examples from Financial Services

Responsive Web Design has been embraced by content-focused verticals. However, other industries, such as financial services, are slow to jump in. After coming across this post on Design Daily listing well-done responsive sites, I searched for examples of responsive sites within the financial services vertical.

1. Simple alters its graphics as the screen size decreases. Notice how the white detailing of the blue background disappears once it is opened on a smaller window. This makes the image less complex, and more user-friendly for a smartphone or tablet.

2. Premier Bank

As the window for this site gets smaller, the horizontal menu becomes a single tab that can be tapped for a vertical list of choices.

3. First National Bank of Central Alabama

It’s all in the details: Notice here how the picture “slides” so that the man’s face never gets cut off (literally, try dragging your screen and watch the change). For the smallest of screen sizes, however, you only see a sun rising over a tractor. The main takeaway here is that no one wants to see half a face on a phone or tablet, no matter how great the full picture looks on a widescreen monitor.

4. Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union

For mobile, this site gets a user-friendly shout out. On a large screen, the homepage displays a few large images which rotate. On a small screen, it replaces these graphics with login and password fields. Think about it: on a smartphone, what do you want to see first, slow-loading photos or your login information? gets it right by putting the most important information – login and password – right at the top for a user who is on-the-go.

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