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2021 Design Trends for a Changing World

Check out and share our downloadable summary guide on this blog post. Every year, we see the same smattering of posts throughout the design world talking about the top trends to look out for the following year. These trends tend … Read more

Categories: Experience Design, Visual Design

Remixing UX – Ideal Times to “Mash Up” the Process

A key trait of a successful UX designer is the ability to think outside of the box. This is especially true behind-the-scenes, where we must navigate through a series of hurdles before a final experience is delivered.  To effectively communicate … Read more

Categories: Experience Design

Lose the jargon and remind yourself that you know how to tell a good story

“Storytelling” has quickly become one of those business buzzwords, joining the ranks of “innovation” and “agile” — terms that are overused (and often misused) to the point of becoming meaningless. That being said, storytelling is actually a pretty important part … Read more

Categories: Digital Marketing

4 ways to make Frankenstein-ing design concepts less scary

Does this sound familiar?  “The illustrative approach and the photography approach are both great…but we’re so torn! So go ahead and combine them into a single design. Thanks!” Presenting multiple design directions is a way to showcase how a successful … Read more

Categories: Visual Design

UX and Story

The most powerful way to connect with another person is through storytelling. It’s a fundamental way that we, as humans, are programmed in order to relate to the world and the information we receive. The user experience process is always … Read more

Categories: Experience Design, Visual Design

Icebreakers, When Done Right, Can Make All the Difference

It may sound corny, but I have a soft spot for icebreakers. Like you, I’ve sat through my share of icebreaker activities where I’ve either dreaded my turn to speak, or twiddled my thumbs as I counted down how many … Read more

Categories: Cloudberry

How We Test for Accessibility

We have covered some of the ways in which we build for accessibility in our previous blog post. However, just building what you think is an accessible website doesn’t imply that your website is, in fact, accessible—you need to test. … Read more

Categories: Technology

How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working from Home

Greetings from my new home office, aka the bathroom! Just kidding (or am I?). While working from home with two small kids isn’t quite that dire, I’ll admit to some dicey moments where locking myself in the bathroom actually felt … Read more

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How We Build for Accessibility

Having an accessible website is not only a “good thing to do” nowadays, it is also—in many cases—mandated, where a company must create an accessible website that can be used by people with various types of disabilities (or face consequences). … Read more

Categories: Technology

Our Yearly Checkup: Are 2020 Design Trends Accessible?

At the turn of every year, we inevitably come across an assortment of articles forecasting the “Top 10” design trends for the year. For the most part, these articles discuss general aesthetic trends that have gained recent popularity, but a … Read more

Categories: Experience Design, Visual Design